Welcome to the Lumitage family, where our heart beats for the well-being of your skin under the sun. It all started with a vision - a dream to blend the nurturing embrace of nature with cutting-edge science to shield your skin from the sun's embrace, without ever compromising on what matters most: your health and our planet's future.

At Lumitage, we're not just about sunscreens; we're about a promise. A promise to deliver sun care that loves your skin back, crafted meticulously by a team of dreamers: dermatologists with a soft spot for botanical wonders, chemists who speak the language of your skin, and botanists who bring the essence of the earth into our bottles.

Our journey was inspired by a simple yet profound question: How do we dance in the sun’s rays without a worry in the world? The answer was clear. Create a sunscreen that’s not just a shield but a second skin, infused with the magic of omega-rich Sea Buckthorn, the hydration hero Hyaluronic acid, and a commitment to tread lightly on this earth we call home.

Lumitage is our love letter to the sun and to you. It's a testament to our belief that the best sun protection should be as gentle on the planet as it is on your skin. Our mineral-based tinted sunscreen is our first step in this journey, offering a broad-spectrum SPF30 protection that welcomes every skin type to the Lumitage family.

But here's the thing – Lumitage is more than a brand. It's a community, a gathering of souls who choose to make every day decisions that honor their body and the environment. Our online consultants? Think of them as your personal guides in the world of Lumitage, here to help you find your sun care soulmate.

As we continue to grow, one thing remains steadfast: our mission to craft the finest organic sunscreen for everyday use, for every skin type. We invite you to join our journey, to discover the Lumitage difference, and to find your place in the sun, protected, nourished, and loved.

Welcome to Lumitage, where caring for your skin is our greatest story.